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JAN16-ssclub-tutorial-headerDesigner Angie Briggs starts the New Year off for us with her delightful ScrapSimple Club: Capturing Moments — full of amazing products perfect for any type of photo. Although I’m familiar with all of the products in this club, I discovered that by taking a step further than just my usual layering and clipping, I could achieve some fabulous results!

I love this photo of my cat, Mia, sitting by the window. The picture is cute as-is, however, by playing with the masks in this month’s ScrapSimple Club I was really able to enhance it, without spending hours trying to figure out how to make adjustments in Photoshop.

JAN17_SSClubTut_Photo2 The trick was to not only clip the photo to a mask, which helped crop out the distracting brown paper, but to then clip another mask on top of the photo and use Blending modes to punch up the texture and add richness to the color. Yes, you read that right, a mask under the photo AND on top of the photo!JAN17_SSClubTut_SS1 Here is a side-by-side comparison:JAN17_SSClubTut_Photo1
The effect of layering the mask over the photo can be as bold or as subtle as you like, depending on your Blending modes and opacity. Keep in mind, however, that subtle effects and changes can often give your photos and layouts more impact than you may realize.

What techniques can you try while scrapping with this month’s ScrapSimple Club: Capturing Moments? Come and share your layouts with us today in the Scrap Girls Gallery!JAN17_SSClubTut_LO

greydotdividerCLUB-SG-SS0117-CarouselAn Amazing Deal!If you were to buy all of the items in the club individually from the Boutique they would cost $19.15 and we offer it to you for just $6.99 a month!MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONArticle by Melanie CockshottUsing Photoshop CC on Windows 10

To be up to date with the latest information in the scrapbooking industry to can check out our scrapbooking latest news. On the other hand if you are new to scrapbooking and desire to start professional scrapbooking today get a copy of our beginner scrapbooking art ebook.

If you’re looking for an original way to display your preferred photos, organising them in unique scrapbook albums can be the solution. Scrapping is a very exciting hobby, while offering a great way to organise your treasured memories for posterity. It’s an exciting and addictive pastime that helps you to use your imagination and add your creative touches to your pages.

Predesigned scrapbook kits could be really good, particularly incase you are desiging a themed scrapbook, such as for a wedding, a vacation or the birthday of a baby. Pre-packaged kits come in a wide range of styles, and have a selection of pre-designed stuff like cardstock, stencils, structures or stickers.

One advantage of utilizing a kit to develop your scrapbooking layouts is the fact it saves you the time of getting to choose your supplies alone, so that it is quicker and simpler to design your pages. If you might have got a digital camera, then there are some great digital scrapbooking software packages that permit you to make use of your computer to try out different designs. You can play around with all varieties of things, from templates to font styles.

Right now there are many other free scrapbook themes online, and loads of artistic ways of adding embellishments to your pages. In addition to using stickers, there are all kinds of paper piecing patterns; die cuts and other equipment that will help add color and style to your page. As well as using photos and other visible images, many scrappers prefer to use words to improve the meaning of the photographs.

Journaling is a superb way to record your memories and feelings related to the events in the photos. You may desire to add scrapbooking quotes or poems, where needed, to help take the stories to life. This can work well in both chronological or heritage scrapbooks, as well as in other types of albums.

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